And it all started...

Karaoke ("empty orchestra") has been invented in Japan in 1969.

Daisuke Inoue, at the time businessman, was invited to sing and play music for a show. Due to a schedule issue, the man decided to create a machine that would play music and sing live.

The device is setup in 1971 in several bars in Kobe where the success is immediate.

In 40 years, karaoke has become an institution and a true part of Japanese DNA, but has also developed everywhere else in the world (even though the way of experiencing karaoke is different on each continent).

Since the first karaoke machines were based on 8-track recorders and tapes, things have slightly changed and singing is becoming more and more user-friendly and fun, thanks to the fully online karaoke services available on every device (computer, tablet, smartphones...).

The inventor of karaoke, who didn't patent the machine at the time, was named "One of the Most Influential Asians of the Century" by Time Magazine in 1999.

February love notes...

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We wish you many love notes on Valentine's Day!

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