Just Give Me A Reason is available

The album The Truth About Love released in September 2012, is a proven success for Pink who reached the top of the charts right after the album's release, with her single Blow Me (One Last Kiss).

On this album, Pink also features many duets starring talented artists, including Just Give Me A Reason. This song is about a couple being affected by the time passing by, in which Pink shares the mic with Nate Ruess, who is the lead singer of Fun (check out We Are Young if you haven't).

Just Give Me A Reason is now available in instrumental MP3 and Custom Backing Track (this song is perfect for practicing piano and duets).

Locked Out Of Heaven now available

Prelude to an album due out in early December, Locked Out Of Heaven sounds like a bittersweet, and a sensual confession of love, bringing Bruno Mars back into the top 10 selling singles worldwide.

With over 18,000,000 views on YouTube over the last few weeks, the official music video is becoming a must-view and suggests the best for the artist's future album, Unorthodox Jukebox.

Karaoke Version gives you the opportunity to complete your karaoke collection with the instrumental MP3 of Locked Out Of Heaven, with and without backing vocals or lead vocals, as well as the Custom Backing Track. Check it out!

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