L'Héritage Goldman Songs: Puisque tu pars (& Cyprien & Le Choeur Gospel de Paris) - Encore un matin (remix 2022) (Céphaz) - Pas toi (& Marina Kaye & Le Chœur Gospel de Paris) - Il y a (Lilian Renaud & Le Chœur Gospel de Paris) - Juste après (Marghe, Mentissa & Cyprien)
La La Land
Musical film (2016)
Songs: City of Stars - Another Day of Sun - Audition (The Fools Who Dream) (Emma Stone) - A Lovely Night (Ryan Gosling & Emma Stone) - Someone in the Crowd (Emma Stone )
La légende du Roi Arthur
The musical (Dove Attia) Quand l'amour change le cours de l'histoire
Songs: Advienne que pourra (Fabien Incardona) - Tu vas le payer (Zaho) - Ce que la vie a fait de moi (Zaho) - Quelque chose de magique - Mon combat (Tir nam beo) (Florent Mothe & Zaho)
Koba LaD Songs: Le Classico organisé (& Jul, PLK, SCH, Gazo, Soso Maness, Kofs, Guy2bezbar & Naps) - RR 9.1 (& Niska)
Lady and the Tramp
Musical film (1955) Disney - Oliver Wallace & Peggy Lee
See also: Lady and the Tramp II: Scamp's Adventure

Songs: What a Dog / He's a Tramp - Bella Notte (Oliver Wallace) - Belle nuit - The Siamese Cat Song - La chanson des siamois
Laid Back Songs: Bakerman (& Hanne Boel) - Sunshine Reggae - White Horse
Lais Songs: 'T smidje
Andrew Lambrou Songs: Break a Broken Heart (Eurovision Cyprus)
Matt Lang Songs: Getcha
Mario Lanza Songs: I'll Walk with God (The Student Prince) - Be My Love
Lartiste Songs: Clandestina - Chocolat (& Awa Imani) - Zarzour - Catchu - Mafiosa (& Caroliina)
Stoney LaRue
Also known as Stoney Larue Phillips
Songs: Oklahoma Breakdown (live) - Feet Don't Touch the Ground
Larusso Songs: Tu m'oublieras - Je survivrai (I Will Survive)
Baby Lasagna
Also known as Marko Purišić
Songs: Rim Tim Tagi Dim (Eurovision Croatia)
Lasgo Songs: Something - Pray
Also known as Laufey Lín Jónsdóttir
Songs: From the Start - Falling Behind - Valentine - Let You Break My Heart Again (Philharmonia Orchestra) - Goddess
Achille Lauro Songs: Mille (& Fedez & Orietta Berti) - Fragole (& Rose Villain) - Rolls Royce
Ari Staprans Leff
Songs: I Like Me Better - Steal the Show (Elemental) - Who (& BTS (방탄소년단)) - I'm So Tired... (& Troye Sivan) - Mean It (& Lany)
Lava (film) Songs: Lava
Lawineboys Songs: Sex met die kale (& DJ Jerome) - Joost
Q Lazzarus
Diane Luckey
Songs: Goodbye Horses
Le Sserafim (르세라핌)
See also: Huh Yun-jin (허윤진)
Songs: Smart - Perfect Night (Overwatch 2) - Antifragile - Unforgiven (& Nile Rodgers) - Fearless
Led Zeppelin
Jimmy Page, Robert Plant, John Paul Jones & John Bonham
Songs: Rock and Roll - Immigrant Song - Kashmir - The Rain Song - Stairway to Heaven
Kodi Lee Songs: Change
Rita Lee Songs: Lança perfume - Ovelha negra (& Tutti Frutti) - Jardins da Babilonia (& Tutti Frutti) - Mania de Você
Franz Lehár Songs: Dein ist mein ganzes Herz (Das Land des Lächelns)
Lemonade Mouth
Music from the Motion Picture
Songs: Determinate - She's So Gone - Somebody - More Than A Band
Also known as Leonie Burger
Songs: Friendships (Lost My Love) (& Pascal Letoublon) - Remedy - Faded Love
Libianca Songs: People
Lil' Jon
Lil Jon and The Eastside Boyz
Songs: Shots (& LMFAO) - Yeah! (& Usher & Ludacris) - Turn Down For What (& DJ Snake) - Get Low (& The Eastside Boyz & Ying Yang Twins) - Lovers and Friends
Linkin Park
Chester Bennington, Mike Shinoda, Brad Delson, Rob Bourdon, Joe Hahn & Dave « Phoenix » Farrell
Songs: Given Up - Numb - One More Light - Friendly Fire - Crawling (live)
Rosa Linn Songs: Snap (Eurovision Armenia)
The Lion King 2
Music from the Motion Picture (1998)
Return to Pride Rock: Songs Inspired by Disney's The Lion King II: Simba's Pride
See also:
The Lion King (1994 film)
The Lion King (musical)
The Lion King (2019 film)

Songs: We Are One - Love Will Find a Way (Liz Callaway & Gene Miller) - Il vit en toi - He Lives in You (Lebo M.) - L'amour nous guidera
Liquido Songs: Narcotic
Lira Songs: Feel good
LiSA (Risa Oribe, 織部 里沙) Songs: Crossing Field (Sword Art Online ) - Gurenge (紅蓮華) (Demon Slayer)
The Littlest Hobo Songs: Maybe Tomorrow (Terry Bush)
Redfoo (Stefan Gordy) & Sky Blu (Skyler Gordy)
Songs: Shots (& Lil' Jon) - Party Rock Anthem (& Lauren Bennett & Goon Rock) - Sexy And I Know It - Yes - Sorry For Party Rocking
LMNT Songs: Hey Juliet
Lo & Leduc Songs: 079
J.C. Lodge Songs: Someone Loves You Honey (& DJ Prince Mohammed)
Loi Songs: Gold
Lomepal Songs: Decrescendo - Bécane (& Superpoze) - Trop beau - Mômes - A peu près
The Lonely Island
Akiva "Kiv" Schaffer, Jorma "Jorm" Taccone & David Andrew "Andy" Samberg
Songs: Dick in a Box (& Justin Timberlake) - Mother Lover (& Justin Timberlake) - Jizz in My Pants - YOLO (& Adam Levine & Kendrick Lamar) - I'm on a Boat (& T-Pain)
Sasha Lopez Songs: All My People (& Broono & Andreea D)
Songs: Tattoo (Eurovision Sweden) - Tattoo (acoustic) - Is It Love - Euphoria (Eurovision Sweden)
Gloria Loring Songs: Friends and Lovers (& Carl Anderson) - Diff'rent Strokes (& Alan Thicke & Al Burton)
Helmut Lotti Songs: Amazing Grace - Eso Beso (& Golden Symphonic Orchestra)
Lou Jean (The Voice Kids)
Songs: Besoin d'air - Miraculous (& Lenni-Kim) - On se moque (& Petitom) - Ce mur qui nous sépare (Miraculous) - A mon âge
Loud Luxury Songs: Body (& Brando) - Like Gold (& Frank Walker & Stephen Puth)
Laura Pergolizzi
Songs: When We're High - Lost On You - Recovery - Strange - Muddy Waters
Luce Songs: Polka - Eté noir
Songs: What's Your Fantasy (& Shawnna) - The Champion (& Carrie Underwood) - Baby (& Justin Bieber) - Move Bitch (& Mystikal & I-20) - Yeah! (& Usher & Lil' Jon)
Ludmilla Songs: Cheguei
Luniz Songs: I Got 5 on It (& Michael Marshall)
Lustra Songs: Scotty Doesn't Know (EuroTrip)
Kevin Lyttle Songs: Turn Me On (& Spragga Benz)