Bus Route Karaoke - Tyler Childers

This title is a cover of Bus Route as made famous by Tyler Childers

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Tempo: variable (around 83 BPM)

In the same key as the original: E

Duration: 03:11 - Preview at: 01:43

Release date: 2019
Genres: Country, In English
Original songwriter: Tyler Childers

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Lyrics Bus Route

This is where we dropped off the prettiest little girl
Same grade as me
Tried to kiss her once in the aisle of the bus
And she walked right over me
Face down in the gum on the floor
I was hoping that she'd change her mind
But I swear as she walked down the stairs
She didn't even wave goodbye
Didn't even wave goodbye
Ray Dixon didn't take no lip
He'd kick ya right off the bus
Stop by your house on the way out of the holler
And tell your momma where you was
He didn't need no drivers aide to keep a buncha kids in line
All he needed was a glare in the mirror
And a paddle that he carved from pine
Blisterin' punk kids alive
Oh blister 'em
This is where we dropped off the prettiest little girl
Same grade as me
I held on to hope for eight long years
And by the time that I turned sixteen
I wasn't awkward as a real smooth talker
With my very own pickup truck
I'd take her home and if her parents weren't around
She'd bring me in and give me some
Bring me in and give me some
Safe to say nowadays ol' Ray couldn't keep a route very long
And I'm glad the little girls dad never found out what was going on
I know he'd a killed me in a minute
And he wouldn't have left no trace
Hogs'll eat about anything ya give 'em
They don't let nothin' go to waste
Don't let nothin' go to waste
This is where we dropped off the prettiest little girl
Same grade as me

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