Billy Idol
Songs: Rebel Yell - White Wedding (Short version) - Mony Mony - Catch My Fall - Dancing With Myself (Generation X)
Enrique Iglesias
Songs: Bailando - El baño (feat. Bad Bunny) - Hero - Súbeme la radio (feat. Zion & Lennox & Descemer Bueno) - Me pasé (& Farruko)
iiO Songs: Rapture
Ilira Songs: Fading (feat. Alle Farben)
Lola Índigo
Also known as Miriam Doblas Muñoz
Songs: Santería (& Danna Paola & Denise Rosenthal) - La niña de la escuela (& Tini & Belinda) - Yo ya no quiero ná - Mujer bruja (& Mala Rodríguez)
Infant Sorrow Songs: Inside Of You (Forgetting Sarah Marshall) - Bangers, Beans and Mash (Get Him to the Greek) - Yeah Yeah Oi Oi - African Child (Trapped In Me) (Get Him to the Greek) - Going Up (Get Him to the Greek)
Into the Woods
Motion Picture Soundtrack (2014) Musical film
Songs: Agony (Chris Pine & Billy Magnussen) - No One Is Alone - I Know Things Now
Iron Butterfly Songs: In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida (Single Version)
Jason Isbell
& The 400 Unit
Songs: Cover Me Up - If We Were Vampires
Ishtar Songs: A Paris