Ice Castles
Music from the Motion Picture (1978)
Songs: Through the Eyes of Love
Eric Idle Songs: Fuck Christmas (live)
Ilira Songs: Fading (feat. Alle Farben)
Infant Sorrow Songs: Inside Of You (Forgetting Sarah Marshall) - The Clap (Get Him to the Greek) - African Child (Trapped In Me) (Get Him to the Greek) - Just Say Yes (Get Him to the Greek) - Little Bird (Get Him to the Greek)
Inna Songs: Cola Song (feat. J Balvin) - More Than Friends (feat. Daddy Yankee) - Sun Is Up - Amazing - 10 Minutes (feat. Play & Win)
Into The Woods
Motion Picture Soundtrack (2014) Musical film
Songs: No One Is Alone - I Know Things Now
Iron Butterfly Songs: In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida (Single Version)