No One Mourns the Wicked Karaoke - Wicked (musical)

This title is a cover of No One Mourns the Wicked as made famous by Wicked (musical)

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Duration: 06:41 - Preview at: 05:27

Release date: 2003
Genres: Musicals & Broadway, In English

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Lyrics No One Mourns the Wicked

Good news
She's dead
The Witch of the West is dead
The wickedest witch there ever was
The enemy of all of us here in Oz is dead
Good news
Good news
Look, it's Glinda
Fellow Ozians
Let us be glad
Let us be grateful
Let us rejoicify that
Goodness could subdue
The wicked workings of you-know-who
Isn't it nice to know that good will conquer evil?
The truth we all believe'll by and by
Outlive a lie for you and
No one mourns the wicked
No one cries
"They won't return"
No one lays a lily on their grave
The good man scorns the wicked
Through their lives our children learn
What we miss when we misbehave
And goodness knows the wicked's lives are lonely
Goodness knows the wicked die alone
It just shows when you're wicked
You're left only on your own
Yes, goodness knows the wicked's lives are lonely
Goodness knows the wicked die alone
Nothing grows for the wicked they reap only what they've sown
Are people born wicked?
Or do they have wickedness thrust upon them?
After all she had a father she had a mother as so many do
How I hate to go and leave you lonely
That's alright, it's only just one night
But know that you're here in my heart while I'm out of your sight
And, like every family they had their secrets
Have another drink my dark-eyed beauty
I've got one more night left here in town
So have another drink of green elixir
And we'll have ourselves a little mixer
Have another little swallow little lady
And follow me down
And of course from the moment she was born
She was
Well, different
It's coming
The baby's coming
And how?
I see a nose
I see a curl
It's a healthy, perfect lovely little
Sweet Oz
What is it?
What's wrong?
How can it be?
What does it mean?
It's atrocious
It's obscene
Like a froggy ferny cabbage the baby is unnaturally green
Take it away
Take it away
So you see it couldn't have been easy
No one mourns the wicked now at last she's dead and gone
Now at last, there's joy throughout the land
And Goodness knows
We know what Goodness is
Goodness knows
The wicked die alone
She died alone
Woe to those
Woe to those
Who spurn what Goodnesses they are shown
No one mourns the wicked
Good news
No one mourns the wicked
Good news
No one mourns the wicked wicked wicked

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