Joy to the World Karaoke - Whitney Houston

This title is a cover of Joy to the World as made famous by Whitney Houston

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Tempo: variable (around 153 BPM)

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The song begins a cappella

Duration: 04:45 - Preview at: 00:46

Release date: 1996
Genres: Christmas, Soul, Pop, In English
Songwriter: Isaac Watts
Composer: Lowell Mason
Producer/Arranger: Mervyn Edwin Warren

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Lyrics Joy to the World

Joy to the world the Lord is come let earth receive her King
Let every heart prepare Him room
And heaven and heaven heaven and nature
Heaven and nature sing everybody sing
Woah, yeah we sing, woah
Let every heart prepare Him room heaven and nature sing
Now tell Him shine on His glory
Now the savior is born, heaven, heaven
Heaven nature oh, Lord
Let Him have
Him have blessing oh, oh, oh, ah
While fields and floods rocks hills and plains repeat the sounding joy
Now tell it shine on His glory now the Savior is born
Heaven, heaven heaven, heaven and nature
Sing joy to the world for the savior reigns
And makes His blessings flow
Joyfull oh yee, nations rise join at your aeon, ahow
The skies, with, angelic all proclaim, glory to the King void the age of sin
Joy, joy, joy, joy, joy, joy lay, lay, lay, hey, hey weeh savior
Let every heart prepare Him room
Got now tell Him shine on His glory
Now the savior is born, heaven, heaven heaven, heaven and nature
Joy, joy, to the world, sing joy everybody sing, joy, joy, joy
I sing joy everybody sing, sing it joy
All over the world joy, joy, oh
Everybody sing, sing joy oh, ahoo
Singing joy, singing joy everybody sing
Sing joy never let down
Everybody sing joy, hey joy to the world, wooh
Sing joy, joy, joy peace, love, joy
You give me love and give me peace you give me love give me joy
Joy, joy, joy, joy, joy singing joy, to the world
Singing joy, now I sing
Sing joy, everybody sing joy sing joy, sing it, sing it sing joy
Everybody sing, hey ah, joy ah, sing, hey, sing oh
Sing joy, sing joy, sing joy sing joy, sing joy, sing joy
Baby sing, sing joy joy to the world

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