The King Of Broadway Karaoke - The Producers

This title is a cover of The King Of Broadway as made famous by The Producers

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Duration: 05:04 - Preview at: 00:45

Release date: 2000
Genres: Musicals & Broadway, In English
Original songwriter: Mel Brooks

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Lyrics The King Of Broadway

I used to be the King the King of old Broadway
The best of everything was mine to have each day
I always had the biggest hits the biggest bathrooms at the Ritz
My showgirls had the biggest tits
I never was the pits in any way
I used to be the King the King of old Broadway
My praises they would sing a Ziegfeld so they'd say
My shows were always filled with class
The best champagnes would fill my glass
My lap was filled with gorgeous ass
You couldn't call me crass in any way
There was a time when I was young and gay but straight
There was a time when
I was bold
There was a time when each and every play
I touched would turn to gold ah ah ah ah ah
Lean in ah ah ah
Now I wear a rented tux that's two weeks overdue
Rented tux overdue way overdue
Such reviews how dare they insult me in this manner
How quickly they forget
I am Max Bialystock
The first producer ever to do summer stock in the winter
You've all heard of theatre in the Round
You're looking at the man who invented theatre in the Square nobody had a good seat
I've spent my entire life in the theatre
I was a protégé of the great Boris Tomaschevski
Yes he taught me everything I know
I'll never forget, eeh eeh he turned to me on his deathbed and said
Maxella alle menschen muss zu machen jeden tug a
Gartzen kachen tu je peepeecocken
Who knows
I don't speak Yiddish
Strangely enough neither did he
But in my heart
I knew what he was saying
He was sayin' when you're down and
Out and everybody thinks you're finished
That's the time to stand up on your two feet and shout
Who do you have to fuck to get a break in this town
I used to be the King the king of old Broadway
Again I will be King and be on top to stay
There'll be gala opening nights again you'll see my name in lights again
I'll go from dark to brights again my spirits high as kites again
I'll never suffer slights again I'll
Taste those sweet delights again
No plethora of plights again no blossoming of blights again
No frantic fits or frights again
Fame is in my sights again
I'll take those fancy flights again
I'm gonna scale the heights again
Bialystock will never drop
Bialystock will never stop
Bialystock will be on top again
I'll be on top again, hey

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