Cool Guys Don't Look at Explosions Karaoke - The Lonely Island

This title is a cover of Cool Guys Don't Look at Explosions as made famous by The Lonely Island
Andy Samberg, Will Ferrell & J. J. Abrams

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Duration: 02:31 - Preview at: 00:56

Release date: 2009
Genres: Comedy, Soft Rock, In English
Original songwriters: Akiva Schaffer, Asa Taccone, Andy Samberg

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Lyrics Cool Guys Don't Look at Explosions

Seems like these days the whole world's on fire
Things keep blowing the hell up
And while all those rubber neckers and lucky louies stand and slackjaw's staring
The real men have the nuts
To walk away yeah
Cool guys don't look at explosions
They blow things up and then walk away
Who's got time to watch an explosion
'Cos cool guy's errand's that they have to walk too
Keep walking keep shining
Don't look back keep on walking
Keep struttin' slow motion
The more you ignore it the cooler you look
Ladies and gentlemen please join me in welcoming
Mister Neil Diamonds ha ha ha
Where are we cool guys don't look at explosions
They stride forward in their diamond covered boots
They wear jumpsuits with glitter and rhinestones
And walk away in slow motion
Keep walkin' you're cruisin'
Cherry cherry sweet caroline
Denzel walks
Will Smith walks
Mark Wahlberg is wearin' a hat
Keyboard solo
JJ Abrams
Yeah now you're talkin'
Woah hoo okay
Because cool guys don't look at explosions
The flames are hot but their heart is chilled
Walk fast from the boring explosion
And don't think about the people you've killed
Two three four

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