Rize of the Fenix (Radio Edit) Karaoke - Tenacious D

This title is a cover of Rize of the Fenix as made famous by Tenacious D

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Tempo: variable (around 124 BPM)

In the same key as the original: Em, A

Duration: 03:50 - Preview at: 01:52

Release date: 2012
Genres: Rock, Alternative, In English
Original songwriters: Kyle Gass, Jack Black, John W Kimbrough

All files available for download are reproduced tracks, they're not the original music.

Lyrics Rize of the Fenix

When the pick of destiny was released it was a bomb
And all the critics said that the D was done
The sun had set and the chapter had closed
But one thing no one thought about was the D would rise again
Just like the phoenix we'll rise again
'Cos the fiery heart of a champion cannot be quelched
By a failure or an embarrassment no way no
And the critics all agreed it was a stinky pile of chee
But that does not mean that our hearts are not strong
Just like the phoenix we'll rise again y'all
That's right the phoenix we'll rise again yeah
Sun shining it's a hell of a day bright is back and it's headed your way
D's here now we're puttin' on a show
We'll stink it up then we will need a window
It's the rise of the phoenix it's the call of attack
And you'll know when you've seen us
Tenacous D is back y'all
Love makin' all the way to the top
Boots smokin' but I'm not gonna stop
Bossa Nova is a beautiful dance
Hot blooded that's a lots of romance
It's the rise of the phoenix and we ride with the pack
It's the magic between us
Tenacous D is back
But what if it's true if Tenacious D has died what will we do
And what will we do about all the fans who have the D tattoo
They'll have them removed they'll have to laser off the D tattoos
Tattoos they'll have to laser off the D tattoo
Wait a minute Cage what's that you say
You know it's not too late yes it is too late
We only need one hit just imagine it
We could be the shit too legit to quit
One hit one hit one hit yeah we're hoping this is it
One hit top ten hit top fourty hit top thousand hit
I don't care as long as we get there
We'll start anew
And you can get a new Tenacious D tattoo tatoo
You can get a new Tenacious D tattoo

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