Wild Wild Life Karaoke - Talking Heads

This title is a cover of Wild Wild Life as made famous by Talking Heads

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Release date: 1986
Genres: Rock, In English
Original songwriter: David Byrne

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Lyrics Wild Wild Life

I'm wearin'
Fur pajamas
I ride a
Hot Potato
It's tickling my fancy
Speak up, I can't hear you
Here on this mountaintop
I got some wild, wild life
I got some news to tell ya
Oh, oh
About some wild, wild life
Here comes the doctor in charge
She's got some wild, wild life
Ain't that the way you like it?
Living wild, wild life
I wrestle with your conscience
You wrestle with your partner
Sittin' on a window sill
But he spends his time behind closed doors
Check out Mister Businessman
He bought some wild, wild life
On the way to the stock exchange
He got some wild, wild life
Break it up when he opens the door
He's doin' wild, wild life
I know that's the way you like it
Living wild, wild
Peace of mind?
It's a piece of cake
Thought control
You get on board anytime you like
Like sittin' on pins and needles
Things fall apart
It's scientific
Sleeping on the interstate
Getting wild, wild life
Checkin' in, a-checkin' out
Uh, uh
I got a wild, wild life
Spending all of my money and time
Done too much wild, wild
We wanna go where we go, where we go
A-doing wild, wild life
I know it, that's how we start
Uh, uh
Got some wild, wild life
Take a picture here in the daylight
They got some wild, wild life
You've grown so tall
You've grown so fast
Wild, wild
I know that's the way you like it
Living wild, wild, wild, wild, life

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