Good Morning Karaoke - Singin' in the Rain (1952 film)

This title is a cover of Good Morning as made famous by Singin' in the Rain (1952 film)
Gene Kelly, Debbie Reynolds & Donald O'Connor

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Duration: 02:51 - Preview at: 01:14

Release date: 1952
Genres: Film & TV Soundtracks, Musicals & Broadway, In English
Songwriter: Arthur Freed
Composer: Nacio Herb Brown

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Lyrics Good Morning

Good mornin'
Good mornin' we've talked the whole night through
Good mornin'
Good mornin' to you
Good mornin' good mornin' it's great to stay up late
Good mornin' good mornin' to you
When the band began to play the stars were shinin' bright
Now the milkman's on his way it's too late to say goodnight
So good mornin' good mornin'
Sunbeams will soon smile through
Good mornin' good mornin' to you
And you and you and you
Good morning good morning
We've gabbed the whole night through
Good morning good morning to you
Nothin' could be grander than to be in Louisiana
In the morning, in the morning in the morning it's great to stay up late
Good mornin' good mornin' to you
It might be just a zippy if you was in Mississipi
When we left the movie show the future wasn't bright
But tame is gone the show goes on and I don't wanna say good night
So say good mornin'
Good mornin' rainbow is shining through rainbow is shining through
Good mornin' bonjour buenos dias buon giorno
Good mornin' monsieur muchas frias al disornio guten morgen
Blakich morgen
Good morning to you
Good morning to you
Wah kah lah kah lah kah lah kah lah kah lah kah lah
Wah kah lah kah lah kah lah kah lah kah lah kah lah
Ole bravo ha ha, ha ha, yeah
Hey, hey

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