Come Round Soon Karaoke - Sara Bareilles

This title is a cover of Come Round Soon as made famous by Sara Bareilles

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Duration: 04:52 - Preview at: 01:26

Release date: 2007
Genres: Soft Rock, Soul, In English
Original songwriter: Sara Bareilles

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Lyrics Come Round Soon

Angels said I'd smile today
Oh, who needs angels anyway?
Hey, hey, he's taken and leaving me and I keep believing, hey
He's gonna come around oh, whoa
Staying, believing won't be deceiving, soon soon
I could use another cigarette
But don't worry daddy
I'm not addicted yet
One too many drinks tonight and I miss you like you were mine
Your stormy words have barely broken
And you sound like thunder though you've barely spoken
Oh, it looks like rain tonight and thank God
'Cos a clear sky just wouldn't feel right
He's taken and leaving but I keep believing
That he's gonna come round soon until I see him again
I'm staying believing that it won't be deceiving that he's gonna come round soon
You may be my final match 'cos I chase everything when you play throw and I play catch
Never took much to keep me satisfied
But all this bullshit you feed me you miss me
You need me this hungry heart will not subside
Hey, won't be deceiving deceiving
Well I may seem naive if I cry as you leave
Like I'm just one more tortured heart
But baby don't be fool 'cos these cracks that I show as I'm watching you go aren't tearing me apart
'Cos I know, I see you soon and angels said I'd smile today
Oh, well who needs angels anyway?
Hey, hey, yeah, yeah, yeah
I keep believing things he's gonna come around oh, whoa
I keep believing, ooh, ooh
He's gonna come around staying believing won't be deceiving he's gonna come around soon
He's gonna come around soon
He's gonna come around soon
Oh, yeah, yeah, oh, whoa deceiving, no
He's gonna come around soon soon, soon

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