Honky Cat Karaoke - Rocketman (Taron Egerton & Richard Madden)

This title is a cover of Honky Cat as made famous by Rocketman

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Tempo: variable (around 83 BPM)

In the same key as the original: G

Duration: 02:33 - Preview at: 01:55

Release date: 2019
Genres: Film & TV Soundtracks, Pop, In English
Original songwriters: Elton John, Bernie Taupin

All files available for download are reproduced tracks, they're not the original music.

Lyrics Honky Cat

When I look back boy I must have been green
Boppin' in the country
Fishin' in the stream
Lookin' for an answer
Tryin' to find a sign
Until I saw your city lights honey I was blind
They said
Get back honky cat better get back to the woods
Well I quit those days and my redneck ways and I
Oh oh oh-oh-oh oh
The change is gonna do me good
You better get back honky cat
Livin' in the city ain't where it's at
It's like tryin' to find gold in a
A silver mine
It's like tryin' to drink whiskey
Oh from a bottle of wine from a bottle of wine
Well I read some books
And I read some magazines
About those a-high-class a-ladies down in a-New Orleans
And all the a-folks back home
Well they said I was a fool
Oh believe in the Lord is the golden rule
They said get back
They said get back honky cat honky cat
Better get back to the woods
Better get back to the woods
Well I, quit those days
Well I, quit those days
And my redneck ways, and I
And my redneck ways, and I
Oh, the change is
Oh, the change is gonna do me good gonna do me good

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