The Surrey with the Fringe on Top Karaoke - Oklahoma! (musical)

This title is a cover of The Surrey with the Fringe on Top as made famous by Oklahoma! (musical)

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Tempo: variable (around 88 BPM)

In the same key as the original: A

Duration: 03:08 - Preview at: 00:57

Release date: 1943
Genres: Musicals & Broadway, In English
Songwriter: Oscar Hammerstein II
Composer: Richard Rodgers

All files available for download are reproduced tracks, they're not the original music.

Lyrics The Surrey with the Fringe on Top

When I take you out tonight with me
Honey, here's the way it's gonna be
You will set behind a team of snow-white horses
In the slickest gig you've ever seen
Chicks and ducks and geese better scurry
When I take you out in the surrey
When I take you out in the surrey with the fringe on top
Watch that fringe an' see how it flutters
When I drive them high-steppin' strutters
Nosy fokes will peek through their shutters and their eyes will pop
The wheels are yellow the upholstery's brown
The dashboard's genune leather
With isinglass curtains you can roll right down
In case there's a change in the weather
Two bright sidelights winkin' and blinkin'
Ain't no finer rig I'm a thinkin' you can keep your rig if you're thinkin' that I'd care to swap
Fer that shiny little surrey with the fringe on the top
I can see the stars gittin' blurry when we ride back home in the surrey
Ridin' slowly home in the surrey with the fringe on top
I can feel the day gettin' older feel a sleepy head near my shoulder
Noddin' droopin' close to my shoulder 'till it falls kerplop
The sun is swimmin' on the rim of the hill the moon is takin' a header
And jist as I'm thinkin' all the earth is still
A lark'll wake up in the meader
Hush, you bird my baby's a sleepin'
Maybe got a dream worth a keepin'
Woah, you team an' just keep a creepin'
At a slow clip clop
Don't you hurry with a surrey with the fringe on the top

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