Meet the Plastics Karaoke - Mean Girls

This title is a cover of Meet the Plastics as made famous by Mean Girls

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In the same key as the original: G♯m, Am, B♭m, Cm, F, A♭, A, B
Release date: 2018
Genres: Musicals & Broadway, Pop, In English

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lyrics Meet the Plastics

Oh who's at that table there?
Don't look at them just don't we call those three the plastics
They're shiny fake and hard
They play their little mind games all around the schoolyard
They might insult your clothing or make fun of your name
Like they mocked
Jen Morecock 'till she burst into flame
And Miss Morecock was a teacher
Regina George is the queen bee she's always dressed up
She always wins
Spring Fling Queen
We're just drones who work for her then die
My name is Regina George and I am a massive deal
Fear me love me stand and stare at me
And these these are real
I've got money and looks
I am like drunk with power
This whole school humps my leg like a chihuahua
I'm the prettiest poison you've ever seen
I never weigh more than one-fifteen
My name is Regina George and I am a massive deal
I don't care who you are
I don't care how you feel
That's Gretchen Wieners she knows everything about everybody
That's why her hair is so big it's full of secrets
Yes Regina no Regina every waking hour
I spend making sure Regina
George can stay in power if Regina is the sun then I'm a disco ball
'Cos I'm just as bright and fun if you've had alcohol
I worm your secrets out of you
And bring them to my master then I watch Regina make your life a big disaster
Regina is the queen but I'm the head of worker bees
As I am seated at her right hand
Like a Jewish Princess Jesus like a Jewish Princess Jesus
That is Karen Smith the dumbest person you will ever meet
I once saw her put a D in the word orange
My name is Karen my hair is shiny my teeth are perfect
My skirt is tiny it barely covers my perky hiney
My name is Karen
I may not be smart that's it
Right we never really do this
But how would you like to have lunch with us this week?
Oh it's okay
No need for you to thank us
But there's no need to even speak
You're new and you don't know things you need good friends who can
Tell you what to think see you here same time tomorrow
On Wednesdays we wear pink on Wednesdays we wear pink
On Wednesdays we wear pink here's where you belong
My name is Karen my hair is shiny here's where you belong
Here's where you belong my teeth are perfect here's where you belong
My skirt is tiny wear something nice and
Wear something nice and grab a tray grab a tray 'cos we don't do this everyday
'Cos we don't do this everyday
Say here's where you belong say here's where you belong say here's where you belong
Say say here's where you belong no really say it here's where I belong
Say here's where you belong
Come sit with us tomorrow it'll be fetch

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