I'd Rather Be Me Karaoke - Mean Girls

This title is a cover of I'd Rather Be Me as made famous by Mean Girls

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With backing vocals (with or without vocals in the KFN version)
In the same key as the original: E
Release date: 2018
Genres: Musicals & Broadway, Pop, Rock, In English
Songwriter: Nell Benjamin
Composer: Jeff Richmond

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lyrics I'd Rather Be Me

So your best friend screwed you over
Acted nice when she's not nice
Well I have some advice 'cos it's happened to me twice
Here's my secret strategy it always works because
The world doesn't end it just feels like it does
So raise your right finger and solemnly swear
Whatever they say about me
I don't care
I won't twist in knots to join your game
I will say
"you make me mad"
And if you treat me bad
I'll say "you're bad"
And if I eat alone from this moment on that's just what I'll do
'Cos I'd rather be me
I'd rather be me
I'd rather be me than be with you
We're supposed to all be ladies and be nurturing and care
Is that really fair?
Boys get to fight we have to share
Here's the way that turns out we always understand
How to slap someone down with our underhands
So here's my right finger to how girls should behave
'Cos sometimes what's meant to break you makes you brave
So I will not act all innocent
I won't fake apologize
Let's just fight and then make up not tell these lies
Let's call our damage even clean the slate till it's like new
It's a new life for me where I'd rather be me
I'd rather be me than be with you
I'll say "no"
I'll say "knock it off with your notes and your rules and your games"
And those sycophants who follow you
I'll remember all their names
And when they drag you down like they inevitably do
I will not laugh along with them and approve their palace coup 'cos that's not me
I don't need their good opinions
I have plenty of opinions
Everybody has opinions but it doesn't make them true
What's true is being me and I'd rather be me
I'd rather be me than be with you
So raise them high 'cos playing nice and shy is insulting my IQ
I'd rather be me
I'd rather be me
I'd rather be me than be with you
I'd rather be me
I'd rather be me
I'd rather be me than be with you

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