Dedication to My Ex (Miss That) Karaoke - Lloyd & André 3000 & Lil Wayne

This title is a cover of Dedication to My Ex (Miss That) as made famous by Lloyd

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Duration: 03:57 - Preview at: 01:53

Release date: 2011
Genres: R&B, Soul, In English
Original songwriters: Lil Wayne, Dreshan Nikel Smith, Jamal Fincher Jones, André 3000

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Lyrics Dedication to My Ex (Miss That)

Hey yall
I come to talk about this girl that had my love ya see
I went away for a while and she gave my love away and
I really shouldn't blame her but now a stranger, ha
Something's on my mind
I gotta say it yeah
Your loving done changed it ain't the same girl and that's a shame
A crying shame baby
Ooh, ain't being fun
I know another bee's
Mmh mmh been in that honey
Ooh babe that loving done changed
It's such a shame girl and that's a shame
Who the hell you been giving my loving to girl
Oh no, tell me where that loving gone
Yeah, 'cos it don't feel the same no more
That loving
That loving yeah ooh
Why you do me like that baby
Why is that happening to me
She told me that it was my loving
That loving
That loving
That loving
That loving
Yeah yeah yeah yeah
She used to be a really special lady
My everything
I guess she's feeling kinda freaky lately
It's such a shame 'cos now the loving's changed
Mmh mmh mmh mmh
She used to squeeze me, ooh grip me tight enough so she could please me
But now now that loving changed
It's such a shame that loving changed
Where did ya loving go
Where that babe 'cos girl I need to know ha
That loving
That loving now
Ha ha
You say it was all
Some all one of a kind type oh shh
I can't believe this chick
Are you gonna do me like this
Good loving
No loving
I miss that ho loving
Yeah yeah yeah yeah
Damn darlin' do change ya oil
I'm your number one fan belt they are not important
I don't use a cordless microphone avoid 'em
They don't feel real to me meaning real woman
Others peeled on me you the primer on the lime
Bean green box when I couldn't afford a Ford
Clean socks scootin' across the floor in your grandmama house hand on your mouth
You yap too much about the penny ante this
Mechanic so uncanny
X-Men X-Men
Your ex boyfirend should thank me that I took you off his hands no I can bring another beach to the sand
And know I am well aware that you can bring a man to his knees and get what you need without saying please but
Can you bring a man to his feet when defeat is on repeat
And they go put this man's Grammy's on the street
What why so quiet hate that all of our memories happened in a Hyatt
You were perfect before you went on a diet
You was way thicker
You think I don't remember
The magazine got to your head now somebody you don't even know got you in bed
Bet ya buddy don't even know you don't like red
Or was it fuchsia?
Our future is dead
I need to know
You had nine lives man
Ha ha yeah yeah yeah yeah
That loving
That loving
I can't believe this chick
I've been up what I've seen
She give away all my wish
That loving
My loving
Good loving
That loving
Yeah yeah yeah yeah
Ha ha ha ha ha ha
I miss you girl

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