Dentist! Karaoke - Little Shop of Horrors (musical)

This title is a cover of Dentist! as made famous by Little Shop of Horrors (musical)

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Tempo: variable (around 134 BPM)

In the same key as the original: A♭, B♭

Duration: 02:32 - Preview at: 01:35

Release date: 1982
Genres: Musicals & Broadway, Film & TV Soundtracks, In English
Songwriter: Howard Ashman
Original songwriter: Alan Menken

All files available for download are reproduced tracks, they're not the original music.

Lyrics Dentist!

When I was younger just a bad little kid
My mama noticed funny things I did
Like shootin' puppies with a BB gun
I'd poison guppies and when I was done
I'd find a pussycat and bash in its head
That's when my mama said
What did she say?
She said my boy
I think someday you'll find a way
To make your natural tendencies pay
You'll be a dentist
Be a dentist
You have a talent for causin' things pain
Son be a dentist
Son be a dentist
People will pay you to be inhumane inhumane
Your temperament's wrong
Ooh ooh for the priesthood
Ooh ooh
And teaching would suit you still less
Son be a dentist
Son be a dentist you'll be a success you'll be a success
Here he is girls the leader of the plaque
Watch him suck up that gas oh my god
He's a dentist and he'll
Ah ah ah ah ah ah never ever be any good ah ah ah ah ah
Who wants their teeth done by the Marquis de Sade?
Oh that hurts
Ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah
I'm not numb
Oh shut up open wide here I come
I am your dentist
Dentist goodness gracious and I enjoy
The career that I picked
Ah I... am your dentist
Dentist goodness gracious
And I get off on the pain I inflict
Really love it
When I start extracting those molars
Don't try it
You girls will be
Ooh oh screaming like Holy Rollers den-entist
And though it may
Oh, distress cause my patient's distress
Oh ah
Somewhere in heaven above me
I know that my mama's proud of me
'Cos I'm a dentist
Dentist and a success
Say Ah
Say Ah
Yeah say Ah
Now spit

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