The Confrontation Karaoke - Les Misérables (musical)

This title is a cover of The Confrontation as made famous by Les Misérables (musical)

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In the same key as the original: Fm

Release date: 1988
Genres: Musicals & Broadway, In English
Original songwriter: Herbert Kretzmer, Alain Albert Boublil, Claude-Michel Schönberg

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Lyrics The Confrontation

Valjean, at last we see each other plain
Monsieur le maire you'll wear a different chain
Before you say another word, Javert
Before you chain me up like a slave again
Listen to me there's something I must do
This woman leaves behind a suffering child
There is none but me who can intercede
In mercy's name three days are all I need
Then I'll return
I pledge my word
Then I'll return
You must think me mad
I've hunted you across the years
Men like you can never change a man such as you
Believe of me what you will
Men like me can never change
Men like you can never change there is a duty that
I've sworn to do
You know nothing of my life
All I did was steal some bread
My duty's to the law
You have no rights
You know nothing of the world
Come with me
You would sooner see me dead
Now the wheel has turned around
But not before I see this justice done
Jean Valjean is nothing now
I am warning you, Javert
Dare you talk to me of crime
I'm a stronger man by far and the price you had to pay
There is power in me yet
Every man is born in sin
My race is not yet run
Every man must choose his way
I am warning you, Javert
You know nothing of Javert there is nothing I won't dare
I was born inside a jail
I was born with scum like you
If I have to kill you here
I'll do what must be done
I am from the gutter, too
And this I swear to you tonight
There is no place for you to hide
Your child will live within my care
Wherever you may hide away
And I will raise her to the light
I swear to you
I swear to you
I will be there
I will be there

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