Saginaw, Michigan Karaoke - Lefty Frizzell

This title is a cover of Saginaw, Michigan as made famous by Lefty Frizzell

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Release date: 1963
Genres: Country, Folk, In English
Original songwriter: Don Wayne, Bill Anderson

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Lyrics Saginaw, Michigan

I was born in Saginaw, Michigan
I grew up in a house on Saginaw Bay
My dad was a poor hard-working
Saginaw fisherman too many times he came home with too little pay
I loved a girl in Saginaw, Michigan
The daughter of a wealthy wealthy man
But he called me that son of a Saginaw fisherman and not good enough to claim his daughter's hand
Now I'm up here in Alaska looking around for gold
Like a crazy fool I'm digging in this frozen ground so cold
But with each new day
I pray I'll strike it rich and then
I'll go back home and claim my love in Saginaw, Michigan
I wrote my love in Saginaw, Michigan
I said honey I'm coming home please wait for me
And you can tell your dad
I'm coming back a richer man
I hit the biggest strike in Klondike history
Her dad met me in Saginaw, Michigan
He gave me a great big party with champagne
Then he said son you wise young ambitious man will you sell your father-in-law your Klondike claim
Now he's up there in Alaska digging in the cold, cold ground
The greedy fool is looking for the gold I never found
It serves him right and no one here is missing him least of all the newlyweds of Saginaw, Michigan
We're the happiest man and wife in Saginaw, Michigan
He's ashamed to show his face in Saginaw, Michigan

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