Coulda Been Karaoke - Kimberley Locke

This title is a cover of Coulda Been as made famous by Kimberley Locke

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Release date: 2005
Genres: Pop, In English
Original songwriter: Shelly Peiken, Guy Tevateua Roche

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Lyrics Coulda Been

It's hard
It's hard
To believe
We weren't to be
And all good things end eventually
But here I am
Walking away
And you're down on your knees
Begging me please baby stay
Well no can do
'Cos boy you were untrue
The only rule
There is no exception to
Three's a crowd
So where does that leave you now
That's what you get for living loud
Coulda been right
Coulda been cool
Coulda been the best thing since high school
Coulda been wild
Coulda been free
You coulda been everything to me
Coulda been real
Coulda been hot
Coulda been the one who hits my spot
But you're not
And all you got
Is something
But you're not
And all you got
Is something
That coulda been
I used to think
I couldn't live without
Us together
But boy look at me now
I got my hopes
My whole life and all my dreams
So as you wave goodbye to me
Just remember
Hey hey
Since high school
Mmm mmm
You coulda been everything yeah
Who hits my spot oh
All you got
Is something
Oh yeah
But you're not
And all you got
Is something
That coulda been
Someday you'll see me walking down the street
Looking all confident and complete
Wondering if you made a mistake
Threw it away too soon
I'll wave and blow you a kiss
And say it's cool running into you like this
How you doing
How many kids
Do you ever look back
And wish that
You could turn
Turn back time
And make me change my mind
But you didn't so
Let's get on with letting go
Almost doesn't count you know
So remember
So remember
Yeah yeah yeah
Since high school yeah
You coulda been everything
Who hits my spot not
And all you got yeah
Hey yeah oh
You coulda been everything yeah
Who hits my spot
But you're not oh
Sorry sorry
But you're not
And all you got yeah
Is something coulda been
But you're not
Yeah that coulda been

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