A Lot of Things Different Karaoke - Kenny Chesney

This title is a cover of A Lot of Things Different as made famous by Kenny Chesney

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Tempo: variable (around 75 BPM)

In the same key as the original: D

Duration: 04:42 - Preview at: 02:07

Release date: 2002
Genres: Country, In English
Original songwriters: Bill Anderson, Dean Dillon

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Lyrics A Lot of Things Different

I'd of spent a lot more time in the pouring rain
Without an umbrella coverin' my head
And I'd have stood up to that bully when he pushed and called me names
But I was too afraid
And I'd have gone on and saw
Elvis that night he came to town
But momma said I couldn't
And I'd have went skinny dippin' with Jenny Carson that time she dared me to
But I didn't
Oh I, I'd done a lot of things different
I wish I'd have spent more time with my dad when he was alive
Now I don't have the chance
And I wish I had told my brother how much I loved him
Before he went off to war
But I just shook his hand
I wish I'd have gone to church on sunday morning
When my grandma begged me to
But I was afraid of God
And I wish I would have listened
When they said boy you're gonna wish you hadn't
But I wouldn't
Oh I I'd done a lot of things different
People say they wouldn't change a thing
Even if they could oh but I would
There was this red dress she wanted one time so bad she could taste it
And I should of bought it but I didn't
She wanted to paint our bedroom yellow and trim it in blues and greens
But I wouldn't let her wouldn't have hurt nothin'
And she loved to be held and kissed and touched
But I didn't do it not nearly enough
And if I'd of known that dance was gonna be our last dance
I'd of asked that band to play on and on on and on
Oh I I'd done a lot of things different
People say they wouldn't change a thing
Even if they could
Oh but I would, oh woah
Oh I, I'd done a lot of things different
Oh I I'd done a lot of things
I think we'd all do a lot of things different

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