Whatta Man Karaoke - En Vogue & Salt' N' Pepa

This title is a cover of Whatta Man as made famous by En Vogue
in duet with Salt' N' Pepa

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Same as the original tempo: 87.99 BPM

In the same key as the original: Gm

Duration: 04:33 - Preview at: 02:36

Release date: 1993
Genres: Rap & Hip-Hop, R&B, In English
Original songwriters: Fingerprint, Cheryl James, Dave Crawford

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Lyrics Whatta Man

He's a mighty mighty good man
Uh, all right gotta say it again now
Yes he is
Uh, oh, yeah
I wanna take a minute or two and give much respect to
To the man that's made a difference in my world
And although most men are ho's he goes on the down low
'Cos I never heard about him with another girl
But I don't sweat it because it's just pathetic to let it get me involved in that he said she said crowd
I know that ain't nobody perfect I give props to those who deserve it and believe me y'all he's worth it
So here's to the future 'cos we got through the past
Finally found somebody that could make me laugh
Ha ha ha ha
You so crazy, I think
I wanna have yo baby, wooh
Alright, yes he is
Oh, he's a mighty mighty good man
Uh uh uh, oh got to say it again now
Pay homage, hey
My man is smooth like Barry and his voice got bass
A body like Arnold with a Denzel face
He's smart like a doctor with a real good rep
And when he comes home he's relaxed with pep
He always got a gift for me every time I see him
A lot of snot nosed ex flames couldn't be him
He never ran a corny line once to me yet
So I give him stuff that he'll never forget
He keeps me on cloud nine just like the temps
He's not a fake wanna be trying to be a pimp
He dresses like a dapper don but even in jeans he's a God sent original for a man of my dreams
Yes my man says he loves me never says he loves me not
Wanna rush me good and touch me in the right spot
See other guys that I've had they try to play all the Mac
But every time they tried
I said that's not it
But not this man he's got the right potion
Baby rub it down and make it smooth like lotion
Yeah reachable highway to heaven
From seven to seven he's got me open like seven eleven
And yes it's me that is always choosing with him I'm never losing and he knows that my name is not Susan
He always has heavy conversation for the mind
Which means a lot to me 'cos good men are hard to find
Uh, yeah, he's a mighty mighty good man
Ooh, all right say it again y'all
Uh, ooh ooh
Oh, I said what a mighty good man
Know what I'm saying he's a mighty mighty good man y'all
Y'all don't hear me now check him out
My man gives real lovin' that's why I call him killer
He's not a wham bam thank you mam he's a thriller
He takes his time and does everything right
Knocks me out with one shot for the rest of the night
He's a real smooth brother never in a rush and he gives me goose pimples with every single touch
Spends quality time with his kids when he can
Secure in his manhood 'cos he's a real man
A lover and a fighter and a knock another out
Don't take him for a sucker 'cos it's not what he's about
Every time I need him he's always got my back
Never disrespectful 'cos his mama taught him that
I got a good man, well uh, a mighty mighty good man baby, talk to me
Yes he is, uh
What a mighty good man
He's a mighty mighty good man y'all, uh
What a mighty mighty good man y'all, yeah, uh
Do me like that sugar yeah, wooh

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