The Lady Loves Me Karaoke - Elvis Presley

This title is a cover of The Lady Loves Me as made famous by Elvis Presley
From "Viva Las Vegas" in duet with Ann Margaret

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In the same key as the original: A, B♭

The song begins a cappella

Release date: 1964
Genres: Pop, Oldies & Retro, Rock & Roll, In English
Original songwriter: Roy C. Bennett, Sid Tepper

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Lyrics The Lady Loves Me

She loves me she loves me not she loves me
She loves me not she loves me she loves me she loves me
The lady loves me and it shows in spite of the way
She turns up her nose
I'm her ideal her heart's desire
Under that ice she's burning like fire she'd like to cuddle up to me
She's playing hard to get the lady loves me but she doesn't know it yet
The gentleman has savoir-faire as much as an elephant or a bear
I'd like to take him for a spin back to the zoo to visit his kin he's got about as much appeal
As a soggy cigarette the lady loathes him but he doesn't know it yet
The lady's got a crush on me
The gentleman's crazy obviously
The lady's dying to be kissed
The gentleman needs a psychiatrist
I'd rather kiss a rattlesnake
Or play Russian roulette
The lady loves me but she doesn't know it yet
She's falling fast she's on the skids
Both of his heads are flipping their lids
Tonight she'll hold me in her arms
I'd rather be holding hydrogen bombs will someone tell this Romeo
I'm not his Juliet
The lady loves me but she doesn't know it yet
She wants me
Like poison ivy like a hole in the head
Needs me
Everyone can see she's got it bad
Huh he's mad the gentleman is an egotist
I'm simply aware
I'm hard to resist
He's one man
I could learn to hate
How's about having dinner at eight?
I'd rather dine with
Frankenstein in a moonlight tete-a-tete
The lady loves me but she doesn't know it yet
Oh yes she loves me
Dig that shrinking violet
Oh she really loves me
Here's one gal you'll never get
She lo-lo-loves me
Would you like to make a bet?
I said the lady loves me
The gentleman's all wet

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