Back to the Riddle Karaoke - Electro Deluxe

This title is a cover of Back to the Riddle as made famous by Electro Deluxe

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Same as the original tempo: 83 BPM

In the same key as the original: Gm

Duration: 05:22 - Preview at: 02:30

Release date: 2007
Genres: Jazz, Funk, Soul, In English
Songwriter: Raymond Nir
Composers: Guillaume Poncelet, Arnaud Jose Paul Renaville, Gael Cadoux, Jeremie Coke, Thomas Faure

All files available for download are reproduced tracks, they're not the original music.

Lyrics Back to the Riddle

Too doo doo doo doo doo
Tam tam ta da
Ta da ta tam
Ta da ha ho
Another day through
Another shelter of my life
I've fled the season passion by
Drawing the lines of time
Ho ho hey
Didn't know what I'd do
Well I guess you call that the blues
Wish I had something new
Every time it comes out
Believe me what I say is true
Should I ever screw up again sometimes
I even feel like a fool and I'm wondering why
I keep on falling again
Well I need to get down back to where I'm from
Back to where I'm from
Come on rise and fall
'Cos from town to town
Now I'm back
Back to the riddle
Ha ooh mmm mmm
Yeah yeah yeah yeah
I back to the riddle
Da da da da da da
No no no ha
To dom da da
Ho da
It's just another day
Another shelter of my life
An ordinary day
Sometimes I can't even hide the way I feel
Anger is too real
And there's always someone else to bring you down
Almost on the verge of breaking down
You can even barely stand the sound
Hey yeah
And I'm a feel so abused
Caught up in my own shoes
Thrill of dirty sing love song guess I got my own
How can you define the right from wrong
Well I need to get down back to where I'm from
Keep on rising all
'Cos from town to town
I cant find you at all
Now I'm back
Back to the riddle
Down down down down
Down down down down
No one can ever tell which way to go
You're on your own
And now the answer to that question is around you
You just have to show the riddle
Letting go
No no no
Back to the riddle
Keep on doing your thing
Letting go
No one to tell you which way
Ho babe
No more
No one can ever tell you
And now you back to the riddle
No ho
No one to tell you which way to go
Back to the riddle
Which way to go
Stop of letting go
No one to tell you
Which way to go

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