Saturday Nite Karaoke - Earth, Wind & Fire

This title is a cover of Saturday Nite as made famous by Earth, Wind & Fire

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With backing vocals (with or without vocals in the KFN version)

In the same key as the original: E

Release date: 1976
Genres: Funk, Disco, In English
Original songwriter: Al McKay, Maurice White (US1), Philip Bailey

All files available for download are reproduced tracks, they're not the original music.

Lyrics Saturday Nite

It was Saturday nite the moon was bright shining down
Shining down
It was Saturday nite the moon was bright shining down its harvest light
Music all around to hear set the stage and atmosphere
Many dress to suit
Their taste participate in the ego race
Tonite's the night for you to be biggest man in history
Saturday nite's your curtain call
You found your place and after all
I saw a face down in the crowd sayin' nothin' talking loud
Life is just a day living games we play
London Bridge is fallin' down do what Simon says
Doing what you feel games can be unreal
Humpty Dumpty when you fall there be no one here to call
Life is still your mystery you see you see you see
Many friends who gather 'round in hope to feel of safe and sound
We emphasize to make it clear our stumbling nations atmosphere
While looking through the looking glass our vision show a stormy past
When you gonna wake and see the sun
Stop wasting time and having fun yeah oh
Hey hey hey ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah
Life is just a day daily games you play
London Bridge has fallen down you did what Simon said
Doing what you feel games are so unreal
Humpty Dumpty why'd you fall
You see there's no one here to call
Now we've solved this mystery you see you see you see
Doing what you feel be unreal life is just a game
Life is still a mystery daily games we play
What you gonna do when the night is through when the crowd is gone and your dream is true yeah

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