All American Boy Karaoke - Bobby Bare

This title is a cover of All American Boy as made famous by Bobby Bare

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In the same key as the original: E

Release date: 1972
Genres: Rock & Roll, Country, In English
Original songwriter: Bill Parsons, Orville Lunsford

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Lyrics All American Boy

Now gather around cats and I'll tell ya a story
About how to become an all American boy
Buy ya a guitar and put it in tune
You'll be a'rockin' and a'rollin' soon
Impressin' the girls pickin' hot licks all that jazz
I, I bought me a guitar a year ago learned how to play in a day or so
And all around town it was well understood
That I was knockin' 'em out like Johnny B. Goode
Hot licks, showin' off
Ah, number one
I'd practice all day and up into the night
My pappa's hair was turnin' white
'Cos he didn't like rock 'n' roll he said
You can stay, boy but that's gotta go
He's a square
He just didn't dig me at all
So I took my guitar picks and all
Bid farewell to my poor old paw
Split for Memphis where they say y'all
And them swingin' cats are havin' a ball
Hot licks and all
They dig me
I rockin' and a boppin' and I's a-gettin' the breaks
The girls all said that I had what it takes
When up stepped a man with a big cigar
He said a come here cat
I'm goin' make you a star
I'll put ya on Bandstand buy ya a Cadillac
Sign here kid
I signed ma' name and became a star havin' a ball with my guitar
Drivin' a big long Cadillac and fighting the girls offa ma' back
They just kept a'comin'
Yeah, they like it
So I pick my guitar with a great big grin
And the money just kept on pourin' in
But then one day my Uncle Sam he says, here I am
Uncle Sam needs ya boy
I'm a'gonna cut your hair off
Oh, take this rifle kid
Gimme that guitar

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