St. Louis Blues Karaoke - Bob Wills And His Texas Playboys

This title is a cover of St. Louis Blues as made famous by Bob Wills And His Texas Playboys

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Release date: 1935
Genres: Country, Blues, In English
Original songwriter: William C Handy
Producer/Arranger: Gardony Laszlo Gabor

All files available for download are reproduced tracks, they're not the original music.

Lyrics St. Louis Blues

Aah yeah
Oh, them all
Saint Louis Blues
Listen y'all you rounders
You'd better leave
Huh huh my good gal alone
Wonder what you talking about, boy
Listen y'all you rounders
You'd better leave
Yes my good gal alone
You said that once, why
'Cos of you can't give her nothing
She can't get out home
I sense an illegal in that my boy, yeah
Ah, Billy well alright, my boy
I know you got this tune you gonna play, well let's play
Woke up this morning 'tween midnight and day
Eh-he, I bet you hadn't even gone to the bed yet
Woke up this morning 'tween midnight and day
What in the world was wrong, boy
You oughta seen me grab that pillow where my sweet baby used to lay
Oh, sing it out, boy sing it out, yeah
Don't go'n it
Don't go'n what
Don't go'n it the gal too
What in the world has she done to you
She done pulled out, left me
F-L-A-T, flat
That spells flat alright
So listen
Eh-he he
Man, I don't care at all
No, sir
You don't care
How come
I don't like this stobolt blonde hair know how
Well, what kind of hair do you like
I'm a man that's crazy about black hair, oh yes
Tell me more, boy
Tell me more
So, Saint Louis Blues be on your way
'Cos a black headed woman make a free train a jump a track
All abord
I said a black headed woman a make a free train a jump a track
Bye Mabel
But a long tall gown
Quit your day dreamin' Roy cut that out a make a bullfrog all that shy
Saint Louis Blues

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