Been So Long Karaoke - Anita Baker

This title is a cover of Been So Long as made famous by Anita Baker

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Tempo: variable (around 78 BPM)

In the same key as the original: Fm

Duration: 05:20 - Preview at: 01:28

Release date: 1986
Genres: Soul, In English
Original songwriter: Anita Baker

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Lyrics Been So Long

I won't be neglected
I won't be denied
The pleasure of your kisses the pleasure of your smile
I think you take for granted
I'll always be here
Just because I love you it doesn't mean
I won't disappear
Of missin' you, baby
Of missin' you, baby
Thoughts and mellow memories of once upon a time
Slowly creepin' on me and they linger on my mind
Just let somebody love you
I just don't know why
Whenever I get close to you you want to run and hide
Been so long of missin' you, baby
It's been so long of missin' you, baby
It's been so long of missin' you, baby
It's been so long of missin' you, baby
We began lovers' dance the road was smooth to romance
And we sang love sweet song every day
I believe that love would stay in my heart
Now it's torn all apart it's gone away
I can't stay, I've got to say
I don't believe that you could do me this way
Now don't you understand
I'm in need of comfort
The comfort of your hand in mine
And what I feel inside why don't you come closer?
I, I can't hide, can't hide
It's too long won't you come on, babe won't you come on home
See about me oh see about me baby, beh beh-yoh-beh-beh
Come on see about me
'Cos I keeping tell you
I can do, I can do without you
Whether you oh don't ask me to
To do with you bah-bah-bwey-yah-bah-bah-beh you love, you love
'Cos I won't do it you can make me do it ah-bah-booh-bah-lah-bah-bah
Ah-bah-th-bah-bah ah-ooh-bah-ha-bah-bah-bah oh-oh-bah-ah-baby
Oh-beep-bah-pah-dah bah-bah-baby
Hey, oh my baby hey, to me baby
Huh, so-weeh, sooh-weeh sooh-weeh, sooh-weeh
Bah-bah-bah-bah-bah deep-deep-deeh

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