A Rumor in St. Petersburg Karaoke - Anastasia (1997 film)

This title is a cover of A Rumor in St. Petersburg as made famous by Anastasia (1997 film)

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Release date: 1997
Genres: TV and Movies, Musicals & Broadway, In English
Composer: Stephen Flaherty, Lynn Ahrens

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Lyrics A Rumor in St. Petersburg

Saint Petersburg is gloomy
Saint Petersburg is bleak
My underwear got frozen standing here all week
Oh, since the revolution our lives have been so gray
Thank goodness for the gossip that gets us through the day, hey
Have you heard, there's a rumor in Saint Petersburg?
Have you heard
What they're saying on the street?
Although the Tsar did not survive one daughter may be still alive
The Princess Anastasia
But please do not repeat
It's a rumor, a legend, a mystery
Something whispered in an alleyway or through a crack
It's a rumour that's part of our history
They say her royal grandmama will pay a royal sum
To someone who can bring the princess back
A ruble for this painting it's Romanov, I swear
Count Yusopov's pajamas
Comisterade, buy the pair
I got this from the palace it's lined with real fur
It could be worth a fortune if it belonged to her
It's the rumor, the legend the mystery
It's the Princess Anastasia who will help us fly
You and I friend will go down in history
We'll find a girl to play the part and teach her what to say
Dress her up and take her to Paree
Imagine the reward her dear old grandmama will pay
Who else could pull it off but you and me?
We'll be rich
We'll be rich
We'll be out
We'll be out
And Saint Petersburg will
And Saint Petersburg will have some more to talk about have some more to talk about
Ssh, have you heard, there's a rumor in Saint Petersburg?
Have you heard
What they're saying on the street?
Hey, have you heard, there's a rumor in Saint Petersburg
Have you heard comisterade what do you suppose?
A fascinating mystery
The biggest con in history
The Princess Anastasia alive or dead
Who knows?

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