Drive (For Daddy Gene) Karaoke - Alan Jackson

This title is a cover of Drive (For Daddy Gene) as made famous by Alan Jackson

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Tempo: variable (around 124 BPM)

In the same key as the original: B

Duration: 04:00 - Preview at: 01:44

Release date: 2002
Genres: Country, In English
Original songwriter: Alan Jackson

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Lyrics Drive (For Daddy Gene)

It was painted red
The stripe was white
It was eighteen feet from the bow to the stern light
Second hand from a dealer in atlanta
I rode up with daddy when he went there to get her
We put on a shine
Put on a motor
Built out of love and made for the water
Ran her for years 'till the transom got rotten
A piece of my childhood that will never be forgotten
It was just on old plywood boat with a seventy five Johnson with electric choke
A young boy two hands on the wheel
I can't replace the way it made me feel and I would
Turn her sharp and I'd make her whine, he'd say
You can't beat the way an old wood boat rides
Just a little lake across the Alabama line
But I was king of the ocean when daddy let me drive
Just an old half ton short bed ford
My uncle bought new in 'sixty four
Daddy got it right 'cos the engine was smoking
Couple of burnt valves and he had it going
He let me drive her when we'd haul off a load
Down a dirt strip where we'd dump trash off of Thigpen Road
I'd sit up in the seat and stretch my feet out to the pedals
Smiling like a hero that just received his medal
It was just an old hand me down Ford
With a three speed on the column and a dent in the door
A young boy two hands on the wheel
Can't replace the way it mode me feel
And I would press that clutch and I would keep it right
And he'd say a little slower, son you're doing just fine
Just a dirt road with trash on each side
But I was Mario Andretti when daddy let me drive
I'm grown up now three daughters of my own
I let them drive my old Jeep across the pasture at our home
Maybe one day they'll reach back in their file
And pull out that old memory and think of me and smile and say
It was just an old worn out Jeep
Rusty old floorboard hot on my feet
A young girl two hands on the wheel
I can't replace the way it made me feel and he'd say
Turn it left and steer it right
Straighten up girl now you're doing just fine
Just a little valley by the river where we'd ride
But I was high on a mountain when daddy let me drive
When daddy let me drive oh he let me drive
She was just an old plywood boat with a seventy five Johnson with electric choke

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