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Heho spann den Wagen an custom accompaniment track - German Nursery Rhyme
Heho spann den Wagen an made famous by German Nursery Rhyme
• 15 customizable audio tracks:
(Click, Tambourine, Claves/Woodblock, Triangle, Timpani, Drum, Upright Bass, Accordion, Bells, Harp, English Horn, Clarinet, Flute, Piccolo, Lead Vocal)
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In German,In the key of Cm,In the key of C♯m,In the key of Dm,In the key of D♯m,In the key of Em,In the key of Fm,In the key of F♯m,In the key of Gm,In the key of G♯m,In the key of Am,In the key of B♭m,In the key of Bm - Free Custom Backing Tracks

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