Packing list for on the go musicians

Musicians have often settled with foregoing practice sessions when away from home due to cumbersome instruments and a multitude of material.

Thanks to technology, whether you are a frequent traveler or just away for the summer holidays, taking your music on the go has become a cinch.

So that you don't miss a beat, here are 10 necessary items that every musician should consider packing.

Portable instruments

While they may not be the real deal, portable instruments make for great substitutes. Inspiration may come at any moment and this way portable instruments allow you to practice at any moment.

A variety of affordable and practical roll up piano keyboards, pocket guitars and light-weight drum pads are on the market. For the multifaceted musician, there even exists a small digital instrument called the Artiphone that takes the place of a keyboard, guitar, violin and drums!

Portable external hard drive

Storing and transporting thousands of music downloads is easy with a portable hard drive. Lightweight, affordable and shock-resistant (like those from LaCie Rugged and the Storeva Xtrem), they are an excellent way to carry your music with you.

Wireless Microphone

For singers, your voice doesn't require any lugging or instrument. But you may consider taking a wireless microphone for your practice sessions as your own microphone provides you a certain comfort and familiarity. We recommend Shure and Sennheiser wireless microphones.

Connect your microphone to your smartphone and you've got a way to record yourself. Other microphones also exist according to your needs like a Usb connected microphone that plugs in easily to your computer or tablet. Keep in mind that certain tablets may require additional hardware like a lightening jack for hook up.


Headphones are often left off of packing lists and settling for free airline headphones is out of the question for musicians who want to take full advantage of their music. We even recommend having an extra pair in your suitcase to avoid unwanted surprises.


If you are planning on attending a concert or two while on the road, having a pair of earplugs handy will protect your ears, prevent hearing loss and even drown out the snoring neighbour in aisle 4-C.

Power Supply

When on the go, finding a plug can be easier said than done. Having a portable charger can be a lifesaver. Several versions exist for all sorts of devices (portable instruments, computer, telephone, or even your speakers). You'll even find some that are solar-powered for your treks in the desert!

Universal Adaptor

In addition to a universal adapter for your trips abroad, we recommend that you also take with you a voltage regulator for countries where the current is not always at 220V. This will prevent damage to your hardware.

Bluetooth Speakers

If you want to one up your phone's speakers, portable Bluetooth speakers may be your solution. Light and compact with an excellent sound and easy hook up, they are the perfect way to listen to music anywhere and with anyone.


Because we don't all have a perfect ear like Mozart or Hendrix, a portable tuner is compact must-have. As a backup though, don't hesitate to download a tuning app in advance to make sure that you are always in tune no matter the circumstance.


It may seem obvious, but a good backpack with several compartments makes organizing your music, instruments and necessities goodies accessible and easy.

And you? What are you packing this summer?

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