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Yall Songs: Hundred Miles (feat. Gabriela Richardson)
Kate Yanai Songs: Summer Dreaming (Bacardi Feeling)
Yandel Songs: Ay mi dios (feat. Pitbull & El Chacal) - In Your Eyes (& Inna)
Weird Al Yankovic
Songs: Word Crimes (Parody of Blurred Lines) - Eat It (Parody of Beat It) - Tacky (Parody of Happy) - A Complicated Song (Parody of Complicated) - Foil
Burak Yeter
Songs: Tuesday (feat. Danelle Sandoval)
Ylvis Songs: The Fox
You Me At Six Songs: Rescue Me (feat. Chiddy) - Lived A Lie
Youssoupha Songs: On se connaît (feat. Ayna)
Timi Yuro Songs: Hurt