Spotlight on one of Karaoke Version's own: Louis-Victor

Inspired by the greats (Dylan, Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin), passionate guitar player and newest member to the team Louis-Victor, writes, records and performs his own music alongside his band.

Meet Louis-Victor and discover his advice for practicing, playing in public as well as his musical recommendations.

What is your role at Karaoke Version?

I’m the newest member of the team! I’ll be helping out the communications and marketing team.

What instrument(s) do you play?

I started playing guitar at 12! Since then, I’ve tried my hand at various instruments… piano, drums, bass, vocals.

Why and when did you start playing?

At show-and-tell one day at school, a classmate brought his guitar. He’s the one that gave me the desire to play. My first guitar was a Conrad. It wasn’t the best, but it lasted forever. After that, my best friend bought one too and together we started a band.

What are your favorite songs to play? Why?

Any major influences that got you started playing/singing?

Bob Dylan from the beginning for what he brought to music. Jimi Hendrix, of course! And currently I am listening to King Krule and Mac Demarco.

What’s a typical mistake that you see being made amongst musicians?

I think it’s maybe when artists don’t put themselves out there and don’t push themselves past their comfort zone.

Any advice for a beginner?

I’d say that you need to be passionate, take your time and practice as much as possible.

How often do you practice? Tips?

I try to play every day in someway or another, my favorite is composing and recording. With my band, we practice two times per week. What you've got to do though is listen to yourself, put yourself at the mercy of the song and define the places that need to be worked on before practicing with the group.

How do you balance your passion for music with your other obligations?

I think it happens naturally, if you like making music, you will find the time to do it. It’s happened that I have a melody, an inspiration comes to me without warning and I’ll stop whatever I am doing and I find a way to record as quickly as possible and then only after do I go back to what I was doing before.

Do you perform in public? Advice?

Yes, I have quite a bit experience actually thanks to my musical trainings. The problem sometimes is that I am not able to produce the best of me when I am confronted with factors like stress, or I play the wrong thing, or when the sound is off. You’ve got to play for you, but it is also very important to play for your public with the same intensity as if you were alone in your room practicing in front of five people or 20,000 people!

Anything else?

Never be afraid to begin an instrument and never ever give up no matter how hard it is at the beginning (everybody was in the same situation at one point). I’ll take advantage of this opportunity to invite the Karaoke Version community to have a listen to my music:

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