Spotlight on one of Karaoke Version's own: Vivien

Sound engineer intern at Karaoke Version, Vivien is a passionate musician. Heavy metal and hard rock fan, time flies when he's playing his guitar and he's been known to be late for an appointment or two in order to sneak in a practice session.

Meet Vivien and discover why he enjoys working at Karaoke Version and his musical recommendations.

What is your role at Karaoke Version?

I’m a sound engineer intern.

What instrument(s) do you play?

For the most part guitar, but a little keyboard and sometimes even the harmonica.

Why did you start playing?

My mom didn’t want me to waste my free time. So after having stopped after-school sports, she signed me up for music school. I discovered a variety of music that I didn’t even know existed and I began to really enjoy playing music.

How often do you practice? Tips?

I play a minimum of 30 minutes to an hour every day, except if I’m playing with friends. My tip is the same as above : have fun!

How do you balance your passion for music with your other obligations?

I try to play as often as I can. But sometimes, even if I might be a little bit late, I’ll find the time to play just a few minutes and put my commitments to the side.

Do you perform in public? Advice?

I’ve only really played publicly one time, last year. Always the same advice, which I perhaps have a hard time with: in order to feel comfortable in public, give your all to the public. You’ve gotta just have a blast!

What does working at Karaoke Version bring you music-wise?

I’m learning something new every day! My music culture is growing. I'm growing technically speaking as well as an intern at Karaoke Version. Lastly, professionally: it's my first experience in a company, and I can say that I am not disappointed.

Why do you like working in music?

Because of the numerous musical creations that are born everyday. Music brings out what is best in man: one’s capacity to create again and again, without any restrictions.

What are your favorite songs to play? Why?

  • I love playing The Last Crusade - Epica, mostly because of the way they mix and create a universe of metal and symphony orchestra. It’s powerful and rich.
  • I also like Angry Again - Megadeth, a huge trash and heavy metal from the 80s/90s. Their riffs are incredible!
  • 18 And Life - Skid Row is for me the track that struck a chord with my musical tastes.

According to you, which error is often made by musicians?

I think lots of musicians hinder their creativity and focus on what they know how to do without really trying to make themselves different or reinvent themselves.

Any advice for a beginner?

Simply to enjoy playing and not just work on technique but also creativity.

Anything else?

Yes, my musical friends and I are planning a big show for Halloween. We’re hoping to put on a real show, with an actual mise en scene, a bit less horrifying. Stay tuned!

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