Every year in May, the Eurovision Song Contest is back with surprising songs, extravagant costumes and stage performances that only this musical competition can bring.

Let's step back in time and review the songs that everybody remembers from Eurovision over the last 58 years: This song made popular by the Swedish band won the competition in 1974 and took over the world, being number 1 in many Europeans countries, and entering the top 10 in the United States. This song by Israeli Pop singer Dana International, is still remembered as being the first and only winning song performed by a transgender artist. With this song, Céline Dion, at that time not as famous as she is now, won the competition in 1988 for Switzerland. This rock song, quite unusual in the musical landscape of Eurovision, was the only one that brought Finland a victory. Winner of last year's competition, Only Teardrops rapidly became a huge success in its home country, Denmark. This Swedish song won the competition in 2012, with a total of 372 points, the second highest score ever reached since the beginning of the contest. This ballad, single French winning song in 58 years of Eurovision, was a great success through Europe, and was sung in French, English, German, Spanish and Portuguese. White and Black Blues is the second song written by the French songwriter Serge Gainsbourg entering the competition. It allowed France to rank second in 1990. Luxembourg representative in 1965, this song written by Serge Gainsbourg was translated in more than 18 languages, including Arabic, Russian, Swedish and even Japanese.
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How does it work?

On the customization screen, click on the arrows to turn the key up or down. You just need to hit « Reload » to hear the changes immediately.

As previously, you can change the key of your Custom Backing Tracks after your purchase, for free. It’s always up to you!
You may have noticed the number of popular songs with a one-word title is going up in the charts worldwide.

From Pop music to R&B, writers are now more than ever looking for short, simple and effective names. But where is this coming from?
  • Sharing is success
With the superpower of social media, a short title can be easily shared, and turned into an hashtag. This way, the music and lyrics can be all over the internet in a few seconds.
  • One word to be number one
The writers know it: if a song can be summed up to a single word, the message must be really powerful. It's likely to be memorized by the fans around the world and become a number one in the charts.

Let’s play a game: you sure have the following one-word-title songs in mind. Can you remember the lyrics? Check it out right now on our website!
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